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      Public Speaking
Download a copy of the course Syllabus here.

 Podium Pandemonium
Aagghhh....the sound of chatter in my class before
speeches......oh wait, there is no chatter?? On a typical
speech day you can hear the crickets chirping as I see
heads down feverishly studying notes and eyes looking
up to the ceiling as your lips whisper the practiced
words to your speech.
RELAX! The last thing you want to do is practice so
much that you OVER
prepare...yes, this is possible. The
best advice I have to give is to remember to pick a
topic that you are familiar with and utilize your natural
abilities. When you force a topic or memorize your
speech 100 times, it will most likely not be your best
speech. With that said, it is important to practice and to
be organized, just remember moderation is key! Enjoy
this class, and let the speech topic ideas come to you!
Preparation is key- Items you may need in this
course include: Stopwatch, Poster Board, Note
Cards, and most definitely a....
Good Attitude!
RELAX, you won't be up there forever!
                                 Got Anxiety?.......
                           It's sad when the Book of list's states that people           
                               fear speaking in public
over death! It's also sad
                               when students tell me on the first day of class                    
                                that they
hate that they have to take this class                   
                                because they fear it so much, or that they are not              
                                very good at speaking? In this course you will                    
                                learn techniques to reduce the effects that PSA                
(Public Speaking Anxiety) can have over us. We               
                                all get nervous, and not everyone was born a                     
                                world renowned speaker, but it's important to not let your
fears overshadow your natural abilities of speaking well. If you are interested
in additional practice join
Toastmasters or if you enjoyed this class and are
looking to challenge yourself, register for an Honors Public Speaking course.
Don't forget to add the skills you learn from this class to your
If you are currently enrolled in my Public
Speaking Course and are interested in
taking my Interpersonal Communications
class, ask me how to earn a transferring
in Communication Studies.

The Speech Tournament and competition
is a great way to highlight your hard work in
this course. If you are interested in entering-
let me know! (@ SBVC & RCC)
*Tournament is once a semester, YES,
there is Extra Credit offered-Check Back!
*Just a reminder some downloads are fuzzy- make       
proper adjustments before printing. Original work is
given & explained in class- attendance is important.
Some assignments can ONLY be done in class.  This
information is provided at the discretion of the
instructor. Improper distribution or use of this work is  
PROHIBITED without written consent. Extra Credit is
offered to Secure a grade, NOT make one!