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Sad Facts about Relationships:
Approximately 50% of marriages in America end in divorce
The average user spends more than 55 minutes a day on Facebook
21% of dates are organized by internet and email
For every $5000 more a woman earns over her partner-risk of divorce goes up 5%
Over 2% of heart attacks have been directly linked to a broken heart | Communications Instructor, Windy Norris |  All Rights Reserved 2011
Not just about Relationships.....
Many students think that this course only discusses
aspects of relationships. Boy, are they wrong! In this
course you will study:
  • Listening Skills
  • Emotions & Perception
  • Conflict Styles & Resolution
  • Family Interaction
  • Business & Organizational Communication
  • Nonverbal & Body Language
  • Cultural Norms & Race Relations
  • The Process of Effective Communication
  • Levels of Intimacy
  • Team Building Skills
  • Group & Workplace Relations
  • Language Skills
  • Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Creating Positive Climates
  • Impressions, Identity, & Self-Esteem
  • Skills for Communication Competence
  • Motivation & Attitude
  • Theories & Movements in field
  • Critical Thinking & Global Awareness of
    Relationships & Impacts

*If you are currently enrolled in my Public Speaking class,  
this course would be a great addition. Ask me how both can
be used for a transferring
A.A. Degree in Communication
Practice what I preach??
I hear all the time, "you must have a perfect marriage," and I remind people that
I am only human and subject to highs and lows that come in any relationship. I do
not strive to be "perfect" and do not believe that exists in any realm of life, but
then again, perception can be tricky. When tough times hit my household, I don't
bust out my textbook and go searching for the right answer. I do, however, work
hard at maintaining my relationships and believe that with the right skills,
anyone can apply what they learn to help build a stronger and healthier mindset.
Interpersonal Communication
Download a copy of the course  Syllabus here.
*Just a reminder, some downloads are fuzzy. Make
proper adjustments before printing. Original work is
given & explained in class. Some assignments can
ONLY be completed in class, so attendance is
important. This information is provided at the
discretion of the instructor. Improper distribution or
use of this work is PROHIBITED without written
consent. Extra Credit is offered to Secure a grade,
NOT make one!
Special Announcements- As the semester
progresses, check here for any
updates...and just plain anything that may
be important!