Communications Instructor: Windy Norris, MA
Use this site to guide you through your course and let the information obtained
help you realize your true potential as a college student. No matter your position
in life, education is a blessing. The information found on this website was
created with hope that each student could benefit from my countless hours
creating it and its easy navigational aspects. Information is added daily and
this site continues to grow rapidly in users and resources. Visit this site often
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Classroom Expectations
Be diligent in your pursuit for greatness. Respecting what others have to
say and being open to what others offer is valued in my class.  I learn
from my students daily. I try hard not to be just another "talking head", I
expect that we will engage each other in interesting conversation and this
can only be accomplished through mutual respect during interaction.

We can learn much from wise words, little from wisecracks,
and less from wise guys.
                        -William Arthur Ward
I respect the academic honesty and conduct policies found in
your student handbook and will uphold them at all times.
Please read this handbook prior to entering my class AND make
sure to thoroughly read my Syllabus on the first day in class to
make sure that you completely understand what is asked of you
as a student in this course and on campus.
Student Learning Outcomes
Everyday in my class expect to walk away with more knowledge
than you entered with. Whether through reflection, listening, or
lecture, if your mind is open and you are willing, this class will
provide you with a learning experience every session! A positive
communication climate is my goal, your life can't be found in a
textbook, so learning straight and only from one, is not what I
consider an education!
A Path to Success
It is my hope that you will take from my experience and
education and truly treasure the time you spend in my
class. Each course is unique and contains information
that will not only help you immediately, but will offer
you skills and knowledge that you can use as a resource
for life. Your educational path and success will depend
greatly on your willingness to participate actively in this
course. Remember to come to  class prepared and
ready to LEARN!

In order to succeed,
your desire for
success should
be greater than
your fear of failure.

-Bill Cosby